Wed, 10/20/2021

It was a great pleasure to be an invited at speaker at the 5th IEEE Colombian Conference on Automatic Control!

The title of my workshop was “Optimal Structured...

Thu, 10/14/2021

I was selected as Rising Star in EECS 2021 and took part in the workshop last week, it was fantastic! 



Thu, 07/01/2021

Are you a student from Spain thinking about going abroad to pursue postgraduate studies?

Check out ...

Wed, 02/03/2021

I am happy to announce that my presentation "Can Noise Induce Sparsity?" won the Best Presentation Award in the Control & Reinforcement Learning Session of the LIDS student conference 2021! Yay!


Thu, 01/07/2021

We had a nice chat in the Radio Show  "Kale Nagusia"  today!

We talked about living in Boston, graduate studies at MIT and the research efforts of the Institute regarding COVID19.

You can listen to it...

Wed, 12/30/2020

Happy to be featured in el Diario Vasco!  We talked about MIT's efforts regarding the COVID19 pandemic, and particularly the app that was recently launched to asses COVID19 transmission risks through aerosoles. The app will be available in Basque soon, glad to have been part of this...

Mon, 12/14/2020

I had a great time in CDC 2020! I met people doing great work and attended a lot of interesting talks that gave me new research ideas!

Looking forward to seeing each other in person in CDC 2021!



Mon, 10/26/2020

I had a lot of fun as a panelist in the San Sebastian Innovation Week 2020 - what a great initiative!

We had a fantastic discussion about the innovation ecosystem of San Sebastian - ranging from a great pool of start-ups and small businesses, to work-renowned gastronomy,...

Wed, 09/16/2020

I am excited to announce that I received a Hugh Hampton Young Memorial Award!


Big thank you to the Mathematics department for the nomination, to the selection committee that evaluated the materials and conducted the interviews and to all the professors...

Fri, 07/31/2020

Our paper Optimal estimation for spatially-invariant diffusion processes: the effect of noise on communication requirements has been accepted in the 59th Conference on Decision and Control 2020 (CDC 2020)!